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"Victoria" 1947 Cessna 140
Bernards' 1947 Cessna 140

Pricing Note: Precious Metal costs have been rising. Please call for current prices and to customize these Designs. Most items are now available in Sterling Silver. "Click to Order" prices are current.

One-man Balloon - Bernard Reller . . . Aero-Gold

Bernard Reller
of Aero-Gold
1903 Wright Flyer-Century of Flight

Centennial of Flight
Atitude Indicator - Aviation Pendants and Charms

Pendants & Charms
High Wing on Sea Opal Abalone - Pendants

Sea Opal Pendants
11036-Pitts Special -Airplane Replica Pendants & Charms

Pendants & Charms
18224 P-51 Mustang - War Birds

War Birds
Memphis Belle Belle Nose Art - Memphis Bella and Dauntless Dotty

"Petty" Girl
Memphis Belle
18150 Liberty Belle Nose Art - Liberty Belle B17 Flying Fortress

Liberty Belle
30113 Outside Loop - Aviation Earrings

RD Air - Pilot's Wings

Pilot's Wings
Zenith 701 - Custom Designs

Custom Designs
AOPA Wings

10576-Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle
Cirrus Design

Cirrus Design
17357 99s Pendant - The 99s. International Organization of Women Pilots

The 99s

The Aero-Gold™ Collection

At Aero-Gold™  you will find my Collection of Fine Aviation Jewelry depiciting Powered and non-Powered, Rotary, and Lighter than Air Craft. In addition, I have created Aviation-related items such as Artificial Horizons, Wings, Propellers and even a Steering Yoke.

Hot Air Balloons and Airplanes;
Hot Air Ballons, V-Tail Bonanza, Cessna, Piper, B-35, C-47 Dakota,
P-38 Lightning, P-3 Orion, Spruce Goose, Grumman Goose, Antilles Airboat and Cessna with Pontoons
Balloons and Airplanes, Pendants and Charms
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Artificial Horizon, Airplanes, Helicopters, and Gliders;
C-140, Bell Jet Ranger, DC-3/C-47 Dakota/Skytrooper/Gooney Bird, Cessna, B-25,
 Boeing 757, Boeing 707, Piper, and T-Tail Gliders

Attitude Indocator, Airplanes and Gliders, Pendants and Charms
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Military Aircraft, Space Shuttle, Gliders, Propellers, Wings and Control Yoke;
SR-71 Blackbird, F-4 Phantom, A-4 Skyhawk, A-6 Intruder, F-14 Tomcat,
A-7 Corsair, Boeing 727, F-16 Strike Eagle, A-4 Skyhawk, F-18 Hornet, Space Shuttle,
Mirimoa Glider, Discus Glider, Personalized Wings, Control Yoke, Propellers.
Fast Movers, Space Craft, Gliders, Wings and Yoke, Pendants and Charms
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Aircaft on Blue Sea Opal Discs;
BiPlane, Piper, V-Tail Bonanza, Cessane, P-38 Lightning, Cessna with Pontoons,
Bell Jet Ranger, Glider, Boeing 757, Boeing 707.

Airplanes, Helicopters and Gliders on Sea Opal Abalone Disc Pendants
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Aircraft on Blue Sea Opal Discs;
SR-71 Blackbird, DC-3/C-47 Dakota, Space Shuttle,
First Flight, Evolution of Aviation, Modern Craft, Ballons and Pegasus on Sea Opal Abalone Disc Pendants
Wright Flyer, Wright Memorial, Pegasus, Hot Air Balloon

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Aviation Earrings;
Outside Loop, Kitty Hawk Commemorative, Wright Flyer,
Piper, Propeller, Cessna, Boeing 707

Wright Flyer, Kitty Hawk, General and Commercial, and Propeller Pendants and Charms
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Discovery, STS-133 Patch
STS-133 Space Shuttle STS-133 to the launch pad

Atlantis has landed. We bid Farewell to NASA's Space Shuttle Program and salute our friends in Houston and at the Cape!

10576-Space Shuttle Pendant NASA's Space Shuttle Program is memorialized by our Pendant and Earrings. These 7/8 inch replicas are exquisitely crafted to recall the excitement of Space Exploration. 30854-Space Shuttle Earrings

Space Shuttle Pendant
14K . . . $297
Sterling . . . $59

Space Shuttle Earrings
14K . . . $599
Sterling . . . $119

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Custom Work: A Specialty

Custom work is an important part of what we do. Making someone's "baby" into a replica is a 

satisfying experience. We attend to accuracy as only a fellow aviator can.

Some of our recent aircraft custom work have been . . . Zenith 701, A-10 Warthog (for an Air Force pilot's wife), Van's Aircraft RV-7A, Cessna 172, Piper Cherokee 140, and Zenith 601.

Let us help you find the perfect special gift!

And look below for some of what we have already done.
Van's Aircraft RV-7A
Vans RV-7A

Zenith 601
Zenith 601

Zenith 701
Zenith 701

Dan  was "interested in a custom-made aircraft in gold with a propeller with a diamond or perhaps and emerald spinner . . .   I am interested in having this made for my wife as a necklace pendant. "

Dan had built a Zenith 701, a high wing, STOL aircraft with leading edge slats, and wished to commemorate it with a replica Christmas gift for his wife and flying partner. Could Bernard make his wish a reallity?

"I found Bernard to be a joy to speak with during the planning of the piece, we shared a lot of stories unrelated to jewelry about our passions of flying and diving which made the entire experience quite pleasurable.  Bernard offered ideas and suggestions on how to mount and feature our plane in the piece.  I do not possess any artistic talent, but Bernard's explanations of it made the piece come alive in my mind's eye.  My wife, Paula, treasures it highly and appreciates it for the work of art that it is.  She has received compliments about it everywhere that she wears it, particularly at flyins we attend in our plane.  People are amazed at how accurately it depicts the actual plane."

Says Bernard, "It's part of the joy of being in this business; turning ideas into something tangible."

Dan Finishes the Rudder of his Zenith 701
Dan completes the Zenith's Rudder.

Dan, Paula and Tigger - Zenith 701
Dan, Paula and Tigger, too.

Mike Weiner wanted a Pendant to match his 172 Cessna. After seeing what Bernard had done with Dan Yeast's  Zenith he opted for the same treatment.

Cessna 172

Says, Mike:

The Cessna piece is AMAZING. Absolutely gorgeous.

I was able to fit the piece on my newly acquired Byzantine  chain and it looks great. Bernard has a true talent and artistic mind. I am so happy that I can now wear something that expresses my true love and passion for aviation. I already had two co-workers call me and ask me where I had my jewelry made. I told them, "Only by the best."

Guys, I can't thank you enough for such a great piece of jewelry. Thanks again.

Not only can we create one-of-a-kind aviation items, we can recreate in miniature! Our recreation of a Ballanca Citaborea Float Plane not only looked right, it carries the registration numbers of the actual plane. 18711-Ballanca Float Plane
Ballanca Citaborea Float

Experimental Aircraft Association

Custom Wings are a Specialty
Call to discuss your needs - 800-233-4820
Below is a small selection of wings we have created.

RD Air
RD Air Wings

RD Air
RD Air Wings

University Air Tie Tac
University Air Tie Tac

17499-SEAC Wings
SEAC Wings

11037-Ballon Wings
Balloon Wings

17361-Cirrus Logo Wings
Cirrus Logo Wings

17369-American Eagle Wings
American Eagle Wings

14900-Air Margaritaville Wings
Air Margaritaville Wings

14896-Air Margaritaville Pin
Air Margaritaville

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Memphis BelleMemphis Belle
Liberty Belle Nose Art On September 9, 1944 the 390th Bomb Group attacked a target in Dusseldorph, Germany and suffered its second largest single mission loss of the war. Over the target just prior to bomb release, one of the low squadron B-17s was hit in the Bomb bay by flak. The 1000 lb. bombs exploded and nine of the twelve aircraft in the squadron were instantly destroyed or knocked out of formation.

Six of the nine went down over the target, one flew two hours on a single engine and landed at Paris, another "crippled plane" landed in Belgium and the other struggled back to its home base and landed long after the other thirty nine B-17s had returned from the mission. The one that came home was "Liberty Belle", she went on to complete 64 combat missions before being salvaged on February 18, 1945.
Liberty Belle
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Specialty Collections

International Association of Women Pilots

Begun November 2, 1929, at Curtiss Field, Valley Stream, Long Island, New York, the organization struggled until 1931, when Amelia Earhart was elected as first president and the group was named for the 99 charter members.

For more than 20 Years Aero-Gold has provided local chapters and members with Fine Gold Jewelry featuring the Ninety-Nines' logo.

Aero-Gold™ invites group orders and offers custom chapter pins and wings.

Recently, the West Canada Section of the Ninety-Nines wanted a gift to honor a special member.

Thanks so much it has been delivered on time. Received the parcel and it is BEAUTIFUL. Even more so than I could have imagined.
You have been great to deal with and will buy from you again when the need arises or when I need a piece of jewelry myself.
Wendy Boyes
Governor, West Canada Section

The 99s Collection - International Organization of Women Pilots
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Memphis Belle

The website authorized  by Linda Morgan
for sale of Memphis Belle memorabilia
signed by Col. Robert K. Morgan, Pilot.
Memphis Belle B-17F "Petty Girl"   Linda Morgan, Col. Morgan and Bernard
Linda Morgan, Col. Bob Morgan and Bernard

Memphis Belle    18024 Memphis Belle B-17         Dauntless Dotty    18025 Dauntless Dotty B-29 Super Fortress
Dotty Earrings       18026 Memphis Belle "Petty" Girl Memphis Belle Belt Buckle
Dotty Fleet Dauntless Dotty Nose Art
17347 Memphis Belle Charm Bracelet Dotty Charm Bracelet

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The Red Tails
P-51 Mustang
18244-P51-RedTail The North American Aviation P-51 Mustang was an American long-range, single-seat fighter and fighter-bomber used during World War II, the Korean War and in several other conflicts. During World War II Mustang pilots claimed 4,950 enemy aircraft shot down, second only to the Grumman F6F Hellcat.

The Tuskegee Airmen began flying the aircraft with which they became most commonly associated, the North American P-51 Mustang, in July 1944. After painting the tails of their aircraft red they soon became known as the "Red Tails." Their success as bomber escorts encouraged many pilots to request the "red tail angels" as support for their missions.
Red Tails-Movie-Opens January 20, 2012
18224E - P-51, Red Tail Mustang
Sterling Silver - $199
Chain sold separately
The Red Tails' story is now a major motion picture.

Gathering of Mustangs and Legends, September 27 - 30, 2007

The Gathering of Mustangs & Legends
"A Once in a Lifetime Aviation Celebration"

Over 150,000 Spectators Share in a Once in a Lifetime Aviation Celebration.

   "Thousands of spectators from across the globe descended on Rickenbacker International Airport in Columbus, Ohio for the Gathering of Mustangs & Legends. Beautiful weather, non-stop action and an incredible array of aircraft and performers - led by the P-51 Mustang - combined to produce an exceptional air show that created memories that will never be forgotten."

Aero-Gold™ specializes in aircraft replicas in gold and silver as well as corporate logos and pilot’s wings for organizations such as AOPA, EAA, and Cirrus Design and specific aircraft such as Memphis Bells and the recently restored Liberty Belle, B17s.

Aero-Gold™ is pleased to have provided a Sterling Silver replica of the famous P-51D for The Gathering of Mustangs and Legends Auction.
18224 P-51 Mustang 18224 P-51 Mustang
North American
P-51D Mustang
Sterling Silver — 2” wing span

P-51D, Mustang
Sterling Silver - $199

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Cirrus Design
The CIRRUS Connection puts SRV, SR20 and SR22
owners in touch with everything needed for the ultimate
flying experience., especially designs by Aero-Gold™!

Cirrus Design Logo
Available exclusively from Cirrus Connection

The Cirrus Collection

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AOPA Wings

AOPA Cable Bracelet
Cable Bracelets
We use aircraft grade stainless "control" cable in our
men's and women's bracelets.

The example to the left carries the Wings of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. It is available with 14K Gold Wings on Sterling Silver ($279) or all 14K Gold ($779)

AOPA Wings AOPA Wings

Ascent with Diamonds
Ascent Black Titanium, 3 x 3mm.
Our cable is now available with a Black Titanium finish.

Hidden Release These designs feature a hidden release and may be customized with a logo, engraving or diamonds.

Call for prices.

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About Bernard Reller and RellerGold

In 2003 the Icarus International Aviation Art Competition was held in conjunction with the First Flight Celebration at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, marking the first century of powered flight.Future Flyer

Bernard Reller's entry, Future Flyer, a lost wax sculpture in 14 karat gold, morphed the Wrights' original 1903 into a sleek aircraft of the future. Well-matched to the theme of the 10th Annual international competition, "The View from 100", Reller's work was well received by the judges, earning the "Daedelus Award for Excellence in Craftsmanship."

The Reller Family has been in business for over 50 years in Florida. Bernard Reller, received expert training from his father, Marcus Reller, an Austrian Mastercraftsman of the Vienna Goldsmith Guild.  Forced to flee Europe during the Nazi era leaving behind an already well-established international jewelry business, Marcus ultimately settled in Miami. Bernard began to learn the trade, “growing up” in his dad’s workshop.

Bernard took an early interest in flying, earning the coveted Aviation Merit Badge, B.S.A. Flying Lessons at busy Opa-Locka airport were Bernard’s high school graduation gift from his dad.

He went on to join The Gators at the University of Florida in Gainesville, where he received a degree in Physics, later doing a post graduate research for the Department of Astronomy. The academic life of an experimental physicist was great fun but the lure of the Caribbean was too hard to resist.

On a visit to Grand Cayman, Bernard signed on as a salvage diver, diesel engineer and magnetometer operator aboard the RV/Beta a treasure salvage vessel owned by John Leeper, a retired Pan Am pilot.  John had built Beta at his San Pedro Boatworks and had partnered with famed treasure hunter Mel Fisher on earlier salvage expeditions.  This connection would prove invaluable some fifteen years later, when Fisher discovered the Mother Lode of the Atocha galleon lost off Key West, Florida.

Several seasons were spent searching the western Caribbean for shipwreck treasure. A number of wrecks were found – cannons, anchors – but no valuable treasure. The diving was it’s own reward!

Upon return to Florida, Bernard set up a lost wax casting operation for his dad’s business but quickly found a ready market for his own designs – mostly nautical – inspired by his recent time at sea. In time, Bernard moved the family business to Gainesville, where he enjoyed a slower paced lifestyle and no traffic jams.
Lone Palm
Over the years, Bernard and the “Lone Palm” trademark became known throughout the Caribbean and the U.S. for Fine Nautical and Atocha Treasure Jewelry.

In the late eighties, Bernard met Jim Palozola, son-in-law of Marion Jayne, “Aviatrix Extraordinaire,” who was launching the Tailwinds Catalogue. Many of Bernard’s aviation designs were included in the rapidly growing catalogue reaching a wider general aviation audience. Over the following years Bernard supplied all of the gold jewelry marketed by Tailwinds and co-sponsored Marion’s twin Comanche in womans air-racing.

In recent years, Bernard has produced gold AOPA wings and various other designs which have appeared in the Wright Brothers catalogues.

Specialty designs are especially appealing to Bernard, here seen with Linda and Col. Morgan. His work, duplicating in 14K Gold the "Petty" Girl nose art of Col. Morgan's famed 25 Mission Memphis Belle, is a prime example.

Bernard’s home field is the Flying Ten Airport – ten miles southwest of Gainesville where he flies a 1947 Cessna – 140, Blanick sailplane and hot air balloon.  He will happily consider trading jewelry for stick time in interesting aircraft.

About Aero-Gold™

For many years, I have created Fine Aviation Jewelry offered in various catalogs such as Wright Bros. and Tailwinds, as well as through fine jewelers servicing major airports and airshows.   The Aero-Gold™ website makes the full collection available and allows feedback directly from the “end-user”. is intended to reach Aviators more efficiently, by directly offering top quality jewelry items of particular interest to those of us who love to fly.

I created The Centennial Collection to honor the Wright Brothers remarkable accomplishments. These very special pieces are featured in The Centennial Collection: Celebrating 100 Years of Powered Flight.

Whether you're interest is in war planes or commercial aircraft, general aviation or sail planes, hot air ballons or vintage craft, our Fine Aviation Jewelry Collection touches on all these. I am always happy to develop personalized projects, too.

Aero-Gold™ is the Aviation "wing" of RellerGold, my design and maufacturing studio well-known for its Themed Collections of Fine Jewelry. Within the Collections of Nautical and Sea Life, Piratical, Treasure, Caribbean, Southern Charm, and Cable can be found Fine Jewelry for any taste. For discrimiating denizens of the University of Florida, I offer the SwampGold Collection of Offically Licensed Gator and Alligator Jewelry.

If you would like to know more about me and my love of Flying and Adventuring, follow the link below:

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Ordering Information

The designs contained in this site is copyright protected.  It may not be used without prior written consent from Reller, Inc., or its partner companies.
Solo Palma Trademark: US Department of Commerce,
   Patent and Trademark Office.
The Lone Palm logo is our registered trademark.

Reller sells to Major and Individual Jewelry and Gift store retailers.

We exhibit at the JCK Las Vegas and Regional Trade Shows.
To establish and account, please call . . .


9 am to 5 pm Eastern Time.

Open Accounts
Open accounts to JBT 1st- and 2nd-rated stores or credit may be established with trade references. We accept major credit cards.

Gold—14K Yellow and White, 18K Yellow and White
Sterling Silver, Atocha Treasure Silver

Contract Production
We produce all jewelry in the Reller Studio in Gainesville, Florida. In addition to our own extensive line of themed, fine jewelry, we produce “Private Label” and “Logo” collections to customers’ specifications.

Generally, pricing is based on the Second London Gold Fix on day of shipment and is determined by the actual production weight of the item or items.

Lead Time to Order
In-Stock items generally ship the same day. Production items take 5 to 10 working days depending upon season. Custom items and large seasonal orders require a lead-time.

Reller, Inc., warrants our jewelry to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the life of the product. In addition, we appreciate your business and pledge to repair or replace, for only a nominal fee, items accidentally damaged or subjected to normal wear.

Retail Sales
To find a Reller Retailer in your area or to purchase on-line, call 800-233-4820 or e-mail
bernard @

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Whether your interest is "aviation jewelry," "aircraft jewelry," or "airplane jewelry" Aero-Gold™  is the place to be. Aero-Gold™ is also the place to look for hot air balloon and helicopter jewelry! Want to have custom jewelry designed or memorialize your hand-built craft? Aero-Gold™ can assist in developing a replica which you can wear or share proudly.

General aviation is a precious part of Bernard Reller's adventurous nature. He earned his aviator wings soon afer high school and has been an avid aviator ever since, both powered and non-powered. Let Aero-Gold™ fill your Fine jewelery needs!